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About BRC Toxoplasma

by admin last modified 14-03-2022 09:32

The Biological Resource Centre (BRC) Toxoplasma was created in 2002 to preserve, in strict rules, strains of Toxoplasma gondii resulting from Toxoplasma infections in humans or animals.

Its implementation benefited from grants collectively supported by the French Ministry of Research, the CNRS and IFREMER. 

The management quality of BRC Toxoplasma  has received the attestation of certification according to the French norms ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 20387:2018 (certificate n° 220351/1530F). 

The collection has been supplied with strains mainly through a network of correspondents (ToxoBs network) from French University Hospitals.

BRC Toxoplasma is managed by University and Hospital departments of Parasitology of Reims (Pr I. Villena).
The scientific objectives of the BRC Toxoplasma are to :
i)  develop tools of molecular typing  
ii)  diversify geographical origin and species hosts by extending collection towards researchers from all countries   
iii) be a provider for research projects using various strains. 

Strains can be delivered for public, private or industrial researchers under precise conditions (see terms and conditions). Each request is submitted to the scientific committee that examine the project. Its advice is necessary before to confirm the availability of the aliquots.

Strains are identified by a publication code that must be cited in its entirety without modification in any publication that would use them.  The BRC Toxoplasma must be explicitly acknowledged in these publications. 

How to get strains ?

To get strains of Toxoplasma gondii, read carefully "terms and conditions", then refer to the catalogue before to download and complete the "order form".
Your completed order form may be sent to BRC Toxoplasma by courier, or by fax, or (after being scanned)  by e-mail. In any case, the order form must be signed by a responsible authority of the organism. 

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